[April Fools’ Day] April 1st

April Fools’ Day

On April 1st we celebrate April Fools’ Day. This holiday has replaced the Roman festival of Hilaria and the Medieval Festival of the Gods. Since the beginning, this special day has been an opportunity to play jokes and have fun. These days we continue to celebrate by telling lies or making practical jokes with friends, family, teachers, and fellow workers. April Fools’ Day has grown to be popular throughout the world and is celebrated by fun loving people everywhere. There are so many ways to be crazy with pranks on this special occasion!

Fun Facts

  • In 1860 invitations were sent out for the event “Washing the White Lions at the Tower of London.” Lions had not been kept in the tower for centuries and the crowd had to go home disappointed.
  • In 1957 Switzerland the news ran a program about a bumper crop of spaghetti, showing people “harvesting” spaghetti from trees. Many people called in wanting to know how they could also get a spaghetti tree.
  • Today most pranks revolve around the internet. From 2000-2011, Google has issued a number of errors and falsified information. Among 2011 highlights are a Google device that translates for animals, Google maps with amusing information such as “How to get from Japan to China – Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean,” and Google 穿越搜索 which allows the user to time travel.