[Saint Patrick’s Day] March 17th

Saint Patrick’s Day

On March 17th we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This holiday began in Europe and Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. The original meaning of the holiday was to celebrate the dedication of Saint Patrick in bringing Christianity to Ireland. These days we celebrate the Holiday with parades, parties and music, spending time with friends. The traditional color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day is Green. One symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day is the shamrock and another is a fairy called a leprechaun (who looks like a small old man). Saint Patrick’s Day has grown to be popular throughout the world and is celebrated by people in many countries.

Fun Facts

  • For Saint Patrick’s Day in Chicago they color the Chicago River green! Other cities dye their fountains and canals green too.
  • Many sports events are held on Saint Patrick’s Day to mark the celebration. From Rugby to Hockey this holiday marks an important occasion. Many sports teams also wear green uniforms for Saint Patrick’s Day.