[Earth Day] April 22nd

Earth Day

On April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, officially termed by the UN as International Mother Earth Day. This holiday began in America in 1970 and is now celebrated worldwide by at least 175 countries. The meaning of the holiday is to inspire awareness and appreciation for our Earth. These days we celebrate Earth Day with programs giving out information at schools, recycling projects, contests for “green” arts and technology, etc. The traditional color associated with Earth Day is green. One symbol of Earth Day is the picture of the Earth held in our hands. The symbol for recycling is also used. Earth Day has grown to be popular throughout the world and increasingly holds political and social influence.

Fun Facts

  • Do you like watching T.V.? Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch T.V. for three hours.
  • By recycling, buying locally grown food, and reducing your electricity you can help keep our world clean!