[Halloween] October 31st


On October 31st we celebrate Halloween. This holiday began in Scotland and Ireland, spread to America and Canada, and now to the rest of the world. The original meaning of the holiday was to celebrate the end of the summer and the harvest. These days we celebrate Halloween by Trick-or-Treating with neighbors. In this custom children dress up in a costume and go around asking for candy. Many scary aspects of Halloween have also been introduced and it is often a favorite activity to go to a Haunted House. Traditional colors associated with Halloween are Orange and Black. There are many symbols of Halloween including the Jack-o-Lantern, witches, werewolves, scarecrows, vampires, the full moon, and many more. Halloween has grown to be popular throughout the world and is celebrated by children and adults alike.

Fun Facts

  • Children who go Trick-or-Treating often chant, “Trick-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat, give me something good to eat!”
  • The original Jack-O-Lanterns were made from turnips instead of pumpkins.
  • Some say that if you wear your clothes inside out on Halloween and walk backwards you can see a witch!