1. Providing foreign teachers for school instruction.

EP Plus Learning provides high-quality foreign teachers to schools nationwide, serving students at all levels, and institutions both public and private. Our international teachers undergo training in teaching techniques, basic Thai culture, appropriate attire, lesson planning, and adherence to organizational regulations.

2. Foreign teacher-led English language management services within schools.

With over 25 years of experience in school management and English language teaching, EP Plus Learning Excels in various aspects including:

  • Quality teacher training and educator development.
  • Management of teachers, including providing substitutes when needed.

3. Tailored CEFR-aligned teaching curriculum services throughout the academic year to suit students at each level.

We offer curriculum development services aligned with the CEFR standard throughout the academic year, tailored to each student’s level. Collaborating with Coaching English Language Institute, we implement CEFR-based teaching methods suitable for students at every grade level to maximize English language learning efficiency. This includes:

  • Learning from expert teachers via Smart Learning videos, supplemented by in-classroom teachers for effective collaboration.
  • Unlimited at-home review sessions for optimal learning outcomes.